Positive aspects :  Professionalism, Responsiveness

I called Cyril Chevalier for an apartment valuation. I wanted the result to be neutral and seriously done, with methods. I was very satisfied by the quality of his work and really appriciated the methodologic support which gave me confidence about the result.
I can recommend mister Chevalier for his professionalism.
Thank you again for your work !

Anneliese Chiriac

Positive aspects : Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

M. Chevalier has made a valuation of our apartment after a few other agencies gave me their own simple valuation. I needed to be sure. At the end, our apartment were sold at the exact price given by the expert. This valuation gave us also the opportunity to get a bank bridging loan with good conditions. Very nice relationship with this very professional person.
I can recommend him !

Nil Symchowicz

Positive aspects :  Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

We can recommend him.

ARCA CONSEIL, Assistances Risque Client Paris

Positive aspects : Professionalism, Responsiveness

Mr Chevalier got back to us quickly when we needed an expert valuation report for our bridging loan and was a pleasure to deal with. The report was very clear.
I can recommend him

Avis Rémy Fuchez, Cyril Chevalier Expert Immobilier Paris
Rémy Fuchez

Positive aspect :  Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

We asked Mr Chevalier to carry out an expert valuation for the purposes of a deed of gift.
We enjoyed dealing with him and this helped us to make quick progress with a very clear and accurate report.
We can recommend him.

Avis Thomas Ferrer, Cyril Chevalier Expert Immobilier Paris
Thomas Ferrer