Centre National de l’Expertise (CNE), Cyril Chevalier Expert Immobilier Paris

An expert property valuation is essential when a property’s market or rental value needs to be specified.

It can be carried out using various methods which ensure that the valuation report is both accurate and consistent.

Why will an estate agent’s estimate not do ?

An expert valuation is based on highly accurate applied methods governed by strict rules which ensure that each piece of data used is accurate and that there is legally-valid evidence to back it up.

This valuation can be used to provide evidence of a property value in dealings with government and judicial bodies such as courts, notaries, accountants and the tax authorities.

Our work is carried out totally independently and in line with the TEGOVA European charter.

The expert valuer uses the following methods :

  • The hedonic method : this applies to co-ownership lots and uses a comparison based on five main factors to come up with a price per square metre.
  • The comparison and static regression method : this uses actual transactions involving properties, and allows a value to be put on a property.
  • The floor area and construction method : this looks at the two components of a building, i.e. the land on which it stands and the building itself, along with the condition it is in.
  • The income capitalisation method : this values a property by means of the income it generates (whether there is any or not) by applying a rate of return.
  • The developer’s balance sheet method : this is a mode of calculation which uses a property’s development potential to project its return on investment.
  • The discounted cash flow method : this is a property’s ability to produce wealth, assessed based on its full depreciation, its provisions and its profits.

These methods allow an accurate, detailed approach to each situation and can be used for any type of property.

They ensure consistency and provide accurate evidence of the market values obtained.

Fees : The expert valuer undertakes to provide you with a fast, comprehensive quote so that you can understand and manage your budget.