Centre National de l’Expertise (CNE), Cyril Chevalier Expert Immobilier Paris

The firm has its office in the seventh arrondissement of Paris, although it does business all over France.

It is headed up by Cyril Chevalier, an expert valuer with fourteen years’ experience in the field.

He is accredited by the Centre National de l’Expertise (CNE – National Expert Valuation Centre) and is a TEGOVA REV (Recognised European Valuer).

Why should you ask for an expert valuation ?

An expert valuation is needed in any major project which involves setting and providing evidence in support of a precise, detailed value for a property, such as :

A property sale or a bank bridging loan

An asset declaration or revaluation

An eviction

An inter vivos gift

A marriage or a divorce

A rent reassessment

It applies to properties of all kinds, such as :

Flats and individual houses

Buy-to-let properties

Offices and other business premises


Land and warehouses

An expert valuation will give you peace of mind along with legal safeguards, as the expert will provide a full, detailed valuation using clear, accurate methods.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your plans and I will draw up a full estimate covering the whole of the expert valuation service.